New Seat/Berth Arrangement

#1 Oct 30th, 2008, 16:28
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I find that Indian Railways have introduced Side Middle berth in Sleeper Class and 3AC coaches at random. The person who is allotted Side Middle berth is accommodated as the fourth passenger in one of the three-tiered seats in the same coupe. I understand the idea is to increase the passenger volume and thereby the revenue. With due respect to whoever has suggested and implemented this seating arrangement, this is most undesirable and unwelcome. As a result of this arrangement, the coaches get cramped and the passengers are put to severe discomfort. As it is traveling in ordinary sleeper class and also in 3AC has become nightmarish and the recent seat/berth arrangement is like adding fuel to the fire. It seems Railways want to make money at the cost of the passenger comfort. Even if the Railways are unable to make improvement, they should at least not make changes in the earlier arrangements. They should not deprive the passengers of this minimum comfort.

Quite often the sleeper class compartments are occupied by the unauthorized travelers. When I say unauthorized travelers, I mean ticketless travelers, waitlisted passengers and day boarders. This is rampant in Bihar, UP, other places in North and also in certain parts of south India. This cannot happen without the knowledge of TTE or the concerned authority. Railways should implement strict measures to prevent this.

For quite few years now, the passenger fares have not increased. I am sure all those who are traveling in ordinary Sleeper Class will not mind paying a little more provided the extra revenue is spent for the comfort and safety of the Sleeper Class passengers.

Railways should also consider introducing non-ac second class 2-tier coaches for the comfort of the passengers who are willing to pay a little more.

Will the Indian Railways think on this aspect?
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I completely agree with you. What the railways has done is at the cost of passenger comfort which is absolutely undesirable.

If the railways are so keen in accommodating more passengers in a train, they should upgrade the engine so that one more compartment can be added in the train. That way they can accommodate around 72 more passengers rather than 10-15 which is as per the current system.

Though they did not raise the fares, but increasing the advance booking time from 2 to 3 mths and doubling the cancellation charge is a clever measure to increase the revenue.
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Dear mobilerug,

they should upgrade the engine so that one more compartment can be added in the train.

##As on date, the upper limit for the Rake Formation is 24 Coaches. A WAP.4 or WAP.7 or a WDP.4 can comfortably pull a 24-coach formation. But, it is NOT possible to allot WAP.4/WAP for all the trains that run under traction and a WDP.4 for those which run on Diesel Routes.

##Due to non-availability of WDP.4 locos or whenever there is a failure of a WDP.4, a twin WDM2s OR a single WDG3A OR a twin
WDG3As are allotted for a 24-coach Train and these Locos really struggle to maintain the schedule, particularly on a gradients.
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Thanks vsp for that technical info. I was just trying to give some sort of alternative ... actually feeling very bad because of the cramped travelling in the future

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