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#1 Sep 19th, 2012, 17:16
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I have booked 3 trips through Cleartrip and have been given e-tickets for each journey.

However I have just noticed that the departure time isn't showing on the tickets - is this normal?! on the ticket it says "Departure time printed on the ERS is liable to change. New time table from 01-Jul-2011." But surely that should be confirmed now - one year later!?

I have checked the Indian rail site and all the departure times are the same as on cleartrip.

So, do I need to get another ticket confirming the departure? The e-ticket i have says the following: "This E-Ticket Will only be valid along with an ID proof. If found traveling without ID Proof, Passenger will be
treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules"

So maybe i just need to check the time the day before?

#2 Sep 19th, 2012, 17:28
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Yes, it is normal to have an e-ticket without the departure time printed on it. I didn't realize this until I was checking my tickets in India, but they are valid with your ID - so don't worry.

Yes, just check the time the day before, and then check the track number when you get there that day. Enjoy your trip!
#3 Sep 19th, 2012, 17:42
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May 2011
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i also bought my ticket via cleartrip
and print out the e-ticket
and the departure time isn't printed on the e-ticket

so i just check the departure time on cleartrip website
and write it down on my notebook
and about a month ago, finally went to india
and got in the train, show passport and e-ticket
it was all smooth and easier than i though
#4 Sep 19th, 2012, 17:54
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Sep 2012
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Great thanks!!

I had a mild panic when i saw that!

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