Your Favorite Indian Cookbook ...

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Nostalgia of the Raj

Hijli - The site for famous jail, and place from where US bombers and other USAF ran supply logistics to get to it in the 50s, was through the nearby the big mama, Rly station - Kharagpur. It was also major concentration of Anglo-Indian diaspora; which were integral part of Railways in that part of the country. The cuisine of the railways as it stood in the cusp of the independence was Anglo Indian interpretation of regional cusines - Railway Mutton Curry, Egg Curry and Tomato cream soups...

But I digress.

Bridget White-Kumar, is one of the last great font of anglo indian cuisine. She grew up in Kolar Gold Fields and brings a series of cookbooks that evoke the cuisine of the Raj era.

The Railway Mutton Curry


1 kg tender lamb or mutton cut into medium size pieces

1 teaspoon whole peppercorns

2 big onions sliced finely

2 medium size tomatoes chopped

2 pieces cinnamon (about one inch in size)

2 or 3 cloves

4 red chilies broken into bits

2 teaspoons chillie powder

1 teaspoon cumin powder

2 teaspoons coriander powder

2 teaspoons ginger garlic paste

Salt to taste

3 or 4 tablespoons oil

2 tablespoons vinegar or ½ cup of tamarind juice

3 or 4 tablespoons coconut paste or coconut milk

3 potatoes boiled, peeled and cut into quarters

Boil the meat in a little water, salt and a pinch of turmeric till tender.

Remove the boiled meat and keep the remaining soup aside.

Heat oil in a suitable pan and fry the onions, red chillies and whole spices and pepper corns till golden brown. Add chopped tomato, ginger garlic paste, salt chillie powder, coriander powder and cumin powder and fry for a few minutes till the tomatoes turn pulpy.

Add the parboiled meat and soup and mix well. Cook first on medium heat then on low heat till the gravy dries up a little. Now add the boiled potatoes, coconut, vinegar / Tamarind juice and simmer till the gravy is slightly thick.
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My absolute favourite is Rick Steins India.

I normally wouldn’t trust a non-Indian as usually to many concessions and substitutions are made, however, little old Rickie keeps it authentic and the amount of seafood recipes is unreal; something missing from most standard Indian recipe books.

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For those who learned their Indian food in UK restaurants there's always this (series of) book(s)

It came in very handy when we used to serv pub curry in large quantities.

AndyD 8-)
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Great responses folks!

I'm thinking of compiling a collection of cookery books that I can purchase previously used.
The Indian restaurant cookbook is available for under £3 on amazon
Afraid Rick Steins book is too expensive at the moment, hopefully it will reduce in price at some stage.

Great sounding books and recipe nycank.

Thanks for the link Aarosh, I will check out the recommendations to see if any are available discounted.

Are there anymore suggestions out there?
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Your Favorite Indian Cookbook ...

I use mostly these four. The one by Santa Maria is my favourite. It has recipes for almost every vegetarian dish including sweets and pickles. I have been using it since 1985.

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For the occasional Veg dish...
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Recommended book prices

Hi friends,
I have compiled a list of cookery books that have been recommended from the two IM posts;

“Your Favourite Indian Cookbook.” and,

“Famous cookbook – what’s it called?”

I have searched the titles on AmazonUK and inserted the prices of the books.
If the prices for new compared to used books are only minimal, I have just inserted the new prices. Mostly I’ve just given the used book price, as they are mainly lots cheaper than the new book price.
If the hardback price is comparable to the paperback I have favoured that, otherwise paperback price is given.
If the kindle edition is available I've added that and the price.

I have listed the books in alphabetical order of the first author’s surname.

One of the books is only available in the USA and I have given the price in dollars for that one.

Hope it is of interest and of course other nationalities can access their own country’s Amazon.

The Complete Indian Cookbook (Hardcover) 1998
by Mridula Baljekar (Author), Jillian Stewart (Editor)

Amazon UK used £3

The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook: 300 Classic Recipes from the Great Regions of India (Hardcover) 2017
by Mridula Baljekar (Author)

Amazon UK new £15

India's Vegetarian Cooking (Paperback)
by Monisha Bharadwaj (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80

Indian Restaurant Cook Book: Over 150 Restaurant-style Recipes (Paperback)
by Pat Chapman (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80

Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors (Paperback)
by Lizzie Collingham (Author)

Amazon UK used £5
Kindle edition £7

Cooking at Home with Pedatha: Vegetarian Recipes from a Traditional Andhra Kitchen (Hardcover)
by Jigyasa Giri (Author), Pratibha Jain (Author)

Amazon UK new £15.50

The Calcutta Cookbook: A Treasury of Recipes From Pavement to Place by Meenakshi Das Gupta, Bunny Gupta, Jaya Chaliha, et al (1995) Paperback (Paperback)

Amazon UK used £10

660 Curries (Paperback)
by Raghavan Iyer (Author)

Amazon UK new £16
Kindle edition £8.50

A Taste of India (Great Cooks) (Paperback)
by Madhur Jaffrey (Author), Christine Hanscomb (Photographer)

Amazon UK used £2.80

Prashad - Cooking With Indian Masters (Hardcover)

by Jiggs Kalra (Author)

Amazon UK new £39

An Indian Housewife's Recipe Book: Over 100 traditional recipes (Paperback)
by Laxmi Khurana (Author)

Amazon UK New £3.80
Kindle edition £2.99

Indian Vegetarian Cookery (Paperback)
by Jack Santa Maria (Author)

Amazon UK New £8.00
Kindle edition £4

Complete Indian Cookbook (Hardcover)
by Michael Pandya (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80 Hardback

50 (Fifty) Great Curries of India & DVD (Hardcover)
by Camellia Panjabi (Author)

Amazon UK used £3

India - Cookbook (Hardcover)
by Pushpesh Pant (Author), Andy Sewell (Photographer)

Amazon UK used £20

The cooking of India (Hardcover)
by Santha Rama Rau (Author)

Amazon UK used £5

Vegetarian Wonders from Gujarat (Paperback)
by Aroona Reejhsinghani (Author)

Amazon UK new £11.50
Kindle edition £1.73

Classic Indian Cookery (Paperback)
by Julie Sahni (Author

Amazon UK new £10.70

The Emperors Table: The Art of Mughal Cuisine (Hardcover)
by Husain Salma (Author)

Amazon UK new £14.30

Indian Cookery [ a Penguin Handbook ] (Paperback)

by Dharamjit Singh (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80

Complete Asian Cookbook Series: India & Pakistan (Hardcover)
by Charmaine Solomon (Author)

Amazon UK new £11
Kindle edition £6.50

Rick Stein's India (Hardcover)
by Rick Stein (Author)

Amazon UK used £14
Kindle edition £13

The Ni'matnama Manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu: The Sultan's Book of Delights (Routledge Studies in South Asia) (Paperback)
by Norah M. Titley (Author)

Amazon UK used £36.50
Kindle edition £28.50

Pure Vegetarian Indian Cookery (Paperback)
by Pritam Uberoi and Nimmi Uberoi (Author)

Not available in UK $5 used, in USA

Indian Cookery (Paperback)
by E.P. Veeraswamy (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80
Kindle edition £0.99

Anglo-Indian Delicacies: Vintage and Contempory Cuisine from Colonial India Paperback – 9 Jul 2013
by Bridget White (Author)

Amazon UK new £12
Kindle edition £3.50

A Collection of Simple Anglo-Indian Recipes Kindle Edition
by Bridget White (Author)

Kindle edition £3.50
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Thanks for the list.

Originally Posted by HowieUK View Post Indian Restaurant Cook Book: Over 150 Restaurant-style Recipes (Paperback)
by Pat Chapman (Author)

Amazon UK used £2.80
I wouldn't recommend Pat Chapman's book, I used to own it and found all too often they made the awful British mistake of trying to have a lot of sauce/gravy in the recipes, it just didn't work and is absolutely not my experience when travelling around India.

Complete Asian Cookbook Series: India & Pakistan (Hardcover)
by Charmaine Solomon (Author)

Amazon UK new £11
Kindle edition £6.50
I will always have very fond memories of Charmaine Solomon's Complete Asia cookbook, it was my first, and covers basics from very many countries very well, and absolutely got me into cooking Asian food, however, I wouldn't recommend the book for any individual cuisine, as I've delved deeper and deeper into individual Asian cuisines I notice how limited Charmaine's book is, and the huge advantage dedicated regional cookbooks (& websites) have.

If one chef tried to do an 'all Europe' cookbook, we know how difficult that would be, well, all Europe is one thing, but the varying cuisines of China, India or Indonesia individually could compete with all Europe.

Indian Cookery (Paperback)
by E. P. Veerasawmy (Author)

Amazon UK used £15
Is that the restaurant owner?

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