4-6 months in India - no clue where to start

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Hello all!

My friend is intending to go to India for 4-6 months, but doesn't really know where to start. Suggestions and pointers would be most welcome.

These are the only 'facts' that I have:
* He's a keen walker. Hills and 'off the beaten path' would be ideal. He's an experienced walker but not climber.
*He's 50 years old and will be travelling on his own.
* Train travel preferred, as he has the time.
* budget: mid range, but he can rough it if needed (approx £10,000 budgetted for the year, including flights, but not just for his time in India).
*Personally I think he needs to do some 'touristy' things
* Timing - he's ready to go about now, but can wait if needed or if the time of year isn't right for e.g. North India.

My main query is about itinary, but suggestions as to other websites or what to do about banking etc for such a long time away would be much appreciated.
Apologies if the 'brief' is a bit vague!
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That amount of money is far in excess of what you need to travel very confortably in India.

I suggest he reads Lonely Planet for Itinerary but just goes with the flow, see where India takes him!

I'm assuming he's from UK... so open Nationwide account and he can withdraw money from any ATM in India for no charge.

I'm not sure about monsoon so someone else can pick-up on that point, but india is vast enough to travel somewhere else when the weather isn't desirable in one place.
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Thanks for the Nationwide advice - an excellent suggestion I didn't know about!
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4 to six months ,nice Fly into Trivandrum Kerala ,Sri lanken air and some gulf airlines fly that rout Then you can take it nice and easy .Work up slowly ,Kerala ,Tamil Nadu , Karnataka ,Goa ,Maharashtra .By the time you are in Mumbia you should be well acclimatized and ready to take on northern India Lovely trip and certainly not boring .Have Fun
P S Nationwide is the best .no commission ,no charge and the best exchange rate .
PPs If starting down south leaving about now would be nice .
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I suggest that he signs up as an IndiaMike member!
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Your friend could start with a guidebook (I prefer Lonely Planet, but there are others) and mark all the things he wants to do -- then he can figure out his itinerary. The front section of the book has a lot of valuable info about travelling in general, health, banking, etc.
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Hmmmm ... I've always found Lonely Planet good for detailed information but terrible for planning itineraries. I suggest your friend look at IndiaMike or (gasp) Fodors for itineraries. At any rate, he should buy more than a few guidebooks with the cash he's got saved up.
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Planning 6 month visit

I will stay at friends home in Bangalore. Ground myself there and take excursions to explore India. I'm going to document my journey via photography and video. Also interested in local travel guides to show me the sites. I'm traveling solo, I'm 60 and retired. Planning end of March to Sept. Have 5 yr visa, so I may return in 2 months after traveling 6 months. Just reaching out. Thanks

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