Indian Visa for Chinese Citizen

#1 May 21st, 2011, 21:05
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I am an American living in China and I plan to volunteer in India with my Chinese friend.

I live very far from the Indian embassy in China so I have decided that I will fly to Nepal and get my visa there. I assume I should be able to get a 3 month Indian tourist visa in Nepal?

The problem is mostly my friend. We were thinking of trying to send out for his visa in China but the requirement is a 10,000 RMB bank deposit receipt and return flight which he does not have. We were planning on him getting is Nepal visa in China and then getting his India visa in Nepal. I have heard some Chinese people do this. Is it possible for a Chinese citizen to get a 3 month tourist visa in Nepal?

I am worried that we will get to nepal and he wont be able to get the visa.
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Regarding volunteering, you should know that, going by the book, an Employment visa is required -- search the site for more. An FAQ is here -- see Q12. Not easy to get, and must be applied for in one's home or country of residence.

You're right to be concerned. Chinese nationals aren't going to get a visa to India in a third country as easily as an American, especially when they're not resident in the country. Some searches on the site may turn up more.
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Location: KTM Passport: PRC Visa:India ? I doubt, as curtdfw has indicated. The requirements get more stringent.

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