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#1 Aug 20th, 2011, 11:53
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Since I got a lot of help from here for my registration I want to share my experience of registering as it seems to have changed somewhat.

The FRRO in Delhi (and probably only Delhi) are now saying that they ONLY accept Online Registration forms - These forms can be found and filled in (and then printed or saved) at under "registration" in the top bar and then "online registration" or directly at

I saw atleast two people get turned away because they had not gotten the online registration however I did also see a few get accepted with the old forms - especially if it was brokers doing it (a broker is an Indian helping out someone with the technicalities for a fee).

The form is a mess to fill out and crashed three times for me so be patient and keep redoing until you get it fixed - dont worry that it sets your age to what it was in 2010 - atleast that was no problem for me. It refused to accept the date I had gotten there on so I had to set it to a month earlier. What I did was to take a screen-shot and print it and take it with me - this convinced them and saved me from having to pay the fine for being late to register.

There is still a need for three copies of this form with attached photos + one extra unattached photo.

The good thing is with the online form it spells out on the last page of it (when you print it) what you need to bring with you - I came for internship on an Entry (x) visa and it said what papers I needed.

My experience of the FRRO in Delhi was far from the nightmare stories I had read. It was decently ordered and the staff was really nice and helpful. What bothered me more was all these rich big-wigs with their brokers coming in and pushing their way to the front.

I had missed in getting an "undertaking" which is where your organization says that they take full responsability for you and will repatriate you at their own cost. So I had to return to my organization get the undertaking and then come back - still with this trip included I came at 9am and was done at about 1pm. - the trip taking the majority of the time.

It seems the opening hours have changed to 9.30 - when I came at 9 I was number 30 on their list and they did stick to that list and did not let people wait on the ramp as has been written in other posts - it may become chaotic as you have about 50 different cultures and views on standing in line but they kept it pretty ordered.

Hope this helps someone else out there.
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PIO (now OCI) in Dublin, formerly in Dilli :)
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hey there!

One question...I will be shifting within Delhi soon and need to get the address in my residence permit up to date. Does the online terminal have a facility for that as well? It looks as if it's for the initial registration only...anyone?
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josh, jugaad aur lage raho
#3 Sep 13th, 2011, 14:02
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PIO (now OCI) in Dublin, formerly in Dilli :)
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I went to the Delhi FRRO today to get the address on my residence permit updated.

Apparently, the online registration is indeed only for any new registration and not for changes of address. So it was a five minute errand. They wanted to see the rent agreement which I provided along with a signed and stamped letter from the company confirming that they know I live there.

#4 Jan 10th, 2012, 16:46
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That online registration cracks me up!
It seems to be broken, I don't get an ID and no date is provided, so I can't confirm and also the re-print thing doesn't work.

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