Hiring and auto-rickshaw in india

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Hello, me and my friend are travelling to Kerala over Christmas. We want to hire an auto-rickshaw/tuk-tuk while we are there. For the whole month. Is this possible? Does anyone know where? Is there anywhere online where we can book?

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I'm not sure of anyone hired this on a monthly basis.

If your need is local travel, there are hundreds of them for hire at every nook and corner. But if you fancy to hire for your exclusive use for a month, well it's possible but not a common practice (like in the case of say car hire for long distance travel). But hiring the rick on a daily basis is not very uncommon....
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Auto-rickshaw is suitable only for short distances within the city. Please do not hire one for any distance longer than 25-30 kms.
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But why?

Why pay someone to sit around waiting for you when you can get one just for the journeys you need: maybe a total of minutes per day!

Do Kochi drivers go by the meter?
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As himmat as suggested, your concept will work if you are planning to remain in one city for the whole month. Anything is possible in India. You just have to find the right auto driver willing to do it. And if you do, don;t pay him advance. That will probably be the last time you see him.
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Please provide a cushion, so that the driver doesn't hurt himself when he falls over in amazement at his good luck!

Of course you can do this, and you will find plenty of guys who will jump at the chance once they are convinced you are serious, but is it really a good idea. Those things can get quite uncomfortable over a long journey: 30 kms is plenty. Also, they do not have a secure luggage storage place, so you will need the guy to stay with his machine every time you go away from it. You will just waste money, for no advantage that I can see. And imagine the final bargaining for the tip?!! Far better to travel around by train or bus, and hire autos at each destination, either per trip or per day.

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Oh! I hadn't realised that you want to travel everywhere by auto!

Well, if you want to have that experience, I'm sure you won't be put off by us --- and why not!

I really like autos (though not the money-grabbing attitude of some auto drivers...) but my limit would probably be about 30 or 45 minutes for an enjoyable journey.

To add to other disadvantages mentioned, I doubt that you will get much more than 30MPH on the open road (and it is not safe to corner very fast in an auto, anyway...) so that is going to add a great deal to your journey time. All vehicles are forced to slow down for some potholes, but an auto will require driving carefully around most of them.

You will little more protection, in case of mishap, than you would on a motorbike.

Kerala autodrivers are (except for the ones around Kovalam, at least) much cheaper than Chennai drivers --- but here, once you take an auto for more than an hour or two the price will be at least 2/3 of the cost of a taxi. The taxi is better value for longer periods/journeys.

Not only is there no secure luggage space, there is very little luggage space at all. You could stow two small suitcases or a couple of small backpacks behind you (and have to put up with them falling on you every time the guy slows down or goes over a bump). Travelling with your legs up on cases and squashed in is OK for a quick trip to airport or station --- but not any further!

If we haven't put you off by now, then it must be truly your dream ---- how much were you thinking of paying? My guess is that the driver would make 100 or 200 a day in normal business. Obviously you have to pay at least that much, plus see to his accomodation and food, plus extra for going away from home...
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what about these nuts...

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Auto Journey

Things you see on a tuk-tuk ride.


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