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Thread: Konkan and the Western Ghats from the forum Maharashtra

- Last post: Jun 28th, 2016 12:29

A post on Jun 27th, 2016 01:06 by vonkla

Hi, We are in the planning stage of another 2 months trip. We fly out from Mumbai and before that we intend to visit Konkan and the Ghats. At this moment we play with the idea to spend a fortnight...

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Thread: trekking in monsoon in western ghats - 15-17 aug 2008 from the forum Trekking and Mountaineering in India

- Last post: May 8th, 2016 12:49

A post on Aug 14th, 2008 15:47 by wanderingSoul

Hi, we are planning for a trek this weekend in western ghats.. either kumara parvatha or sakleshpur trek.. but i am guessing the rains might be a problem.. any suggestions regarding this? thing is...

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Thread: Western Ghats National Parks Road trip-Trip Report from the forum Indian Wildlife and National Parks

- Last post: Feb 18th, 2016 13:27

A post on Dec 14th, 2015 19:02 by Earthian

Our daughter moved to Ahmedabad from Chennai recently, and since her car (Nissan Sunny) was at Chennai, we decided to bring it back and at the same time visit some of the National Parks along the...

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Thread: Thengumarada-Western ghats from the forum Tamil Nadu

- Last post: Jan 31st, 2016 13:02

A post on Dec 7th, 2008 18:38 by salempeacock

Hi, Anybody has visited Thengumarada? It is a beautiful region in the western ghats situated somewhere between Bannari and Kodanadu. What I want to know is how do I reach the place by road? Should I...

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Thread: Western Ghats Wildlife trip planning from the forum India Travel Itinerary Advice

- Last post: Dec 15th, 2015 10:15

A post on Oct 21st, 2015 21:06 by Earthian

I am planning to drive from Chennai to Ahmedabad and cover the wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks that come on the way. The only deviation is Goa for a bit of R&R after all the hard...

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Post: from the thread Jharkhand

- Posted on: Jan 14th, 2002 00:42

A post on Jan 14th, 2002 00:42 by Ankur

Oh, yes, the mines and minerals are aplenty but so are the beautiful things. And I have heard lots of good things about the Konkan coast but have travelled very little there. Once of these days I am...

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Post: not sure about the "hardcore" bit from the thread Which bag?!?!?!

- Posted on: Dec 6th, 2001 16:35

A post on Dec 6th, 2001 16:35 by Midnite Toker

Hardcore trekking, Lemondrop? I think if you stay in southern India you'll only be able to wander in the Western Ghats or around one or two hill stations. In the monsoon, these areas will be WET. No...

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Post: from the thread Birdwatching

- Posted on: Oct 21st, 2001 06:51

A post on Oct 21st, 2001 06:51 by abracax

Best places I've seen for birds are the Sunderbans, Manali and the Western Ghats, but I have preference for large and showy birds like eagles, vultures and hornbills. They're all good early in the...

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Post: Wildlife Parks in Karnataka & Tamil Nad from the thread Wildlife Parks in Karnataka & Tamil Nad

- Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2001 09:14

A post on Sep 23rd, 2001 09:14 by abracax

Just thought I'd pass on that according to my local sources, the wildlife parks in southern Karnataka (Nagarhole) and northern Tamil Nad (Mudumalai) are currently the liveliest they've been in many a...

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