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Thread: Any interesting scooter trips in Kerala? from the forum Kerala

- Last post: Jun 24th, 2017 13:30

A post on Jun 24th, 2017 13:30 by sbring

I'm coming to India in late July (for 3 weeks). The original plan was to do a motorbike trip from Delhi up to Leh. However, I am having a change of heart, as it sounds like too much of a risk...

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Thread: Scooter rentals in Ooty from the forum Udagamandalam (Ooty)

- Last post: Aug 22nd, 2016 18:59

A post on Aug 22nd, 2016 09:27 by moandrieu

I've been away from India for a little over a year and excited about returning to a new section of the country. I'm making a visit to Ooty in October and am wondering if there are scooter rentals...

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Thread: Solo Trip to Golden Quadrilateral on my Scooter from the forum Introduce Yourself

- Last post: Jul 21st, 2016 19:28

A post on Feb 19th, 2015 17:19 by takluvinod

Dear All, Attempting the Golden Quadrilateral ride on my Suzuki Access 125 scooter The Four Legs Jamshedpur Chennai ...

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Thread: SCOOTER RENT at GOA - Any Ideas? from the forum Goa

- Last post: Mar 16th, 2016 20:51

A post on Feb 1st, 2016 18:53 by opu

Hello everyone I am from Bhopal, India I would like to know approximate PER DAY RENT for scooters at goa. I would like to hire non-gear scooters like Activa etc. at Goa. Also I would like to know...

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Thread: Question about scooter hire-not the usual one tho !! from the forum Goa

- Last post: Feb 3rd, 2016 15:26

A post on Jan 17th, 2016 09:14 by jr20516v

Plan to hire an auto scooter for 4 weeks however i need to ask is there an avenue on these to put your backpack or is it the ol between the legs trick ? I have 3 backpacks...all different sizes and...

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