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India is a diverse country. Its art, history, and culture date back to several thousand years BC. It has been through historical and cultural upheavals due to conquests and rebellions. For these...

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Thread: Jaipur via agra and Fatehpur Sikri from Kanpur by road from the forum Rajasthan

- Last post: Oct 4th, 2017 12:16

A post on Sep 25th, 2017 11:50 by sujata73

Hello, I would like to know if this iternary would work. Day 1 depart by road from Kanpur to Agra in afternoon. stay overnight (hotel booked near highway -Shree residency) Day2 Morning start for...

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Thread: Taxi service from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri for few hours only from the forum Agra

- Last post: Sep 9th, 2016 21:33

A post on Sep 9th, 2016 21:33 by kausik83

Hi All, I'll be spending a night in Agra and on the next day (checking out), I have a train to Amritsar by 04:30 PM from AGC station, so I was planning to utilize the time from morning to afternoon...

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Thread: Agra to Jaipur via Fatehpur Sikri & Abhaneri from the forum Agra

- Last post: Sep 8th, 2016 10:02

A post on Sep 3rd, 2016 22:36 by MrMinimalist

IndiaMike'ers, I have a burning question that is making me itch... Me and a friend will be in Agra for a one night's stay on Thursday 15th of December, and we'll head to Jaipur on the following day,...

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Thread: Fatehpur Sikri to Jaipur - Taxi share from the forum India Travel Partners

- Last post: Sep 2nd, 2016 17:43

A post on Sep 1st, 2016 05:23 by MrMinimalist

Fellow humans (and aliens), I and a friend will be travelling from Agra to Jaipur, via Fatehpur Sikri on Dec 16th. We are certain to catch a train from Jaipur to Fatehpur Sikri in the morning of the...

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Thread: Fatehpur Sikri: how much scam and how much truth in this story? from the forum Agra

- Last post: Feb 9th, 2016 14:56

A post on Feb 7th, 2016 01:33 by Reost

I would like to ask, what are the real local traditions regarding the white tomb of a Sufi mystic Salim Chisti? I am asking because the description by a local guide seemed to be a scam and may have...

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Post: old ticket from the thread Save money in Agra

- Posted on: Jan 3rd, 2002 21:15

A post on Jan 3rd, 2002 21:15 by Gerlinde

...guessing you got one of the old tickets which came in 1.1.2000 when (ADA) Agra Development Authorization suddenly took a "toll tax" of 500 Rs. for all Agra/Fatehpur Sikri monuments to be visited...

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Post: Easy way to find pictures of places you want to visit from the thread Easy way to find pictures of places you want to visit

- Posted on: Nov 28th, 2001 17:01

A post on Nov 28th, 2001 17:01 by IVAN

The fastest way to get an idea about the places you want to visit and if there is anything interesting for you there is to use Image Google: http://images.google.com/ It's amazing how often I found...

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