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Getting a visa to India should be a straightforward process, unless you have family connections with Pakistan. This article aims to answer some of the frequently asked questions about obtaining an...

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This article was last updated on June 15th 2014. This article summarises the process of booking Indian rail tickets from abroad. It takes into account major changes that took place in early 2012 and...

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Gateway of India  One of Mumbai’s most famous landmarks. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911 when they were on the way to Delhi. This structure...

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Thread: Arambol Beach Accomodation Suggestions from the forum Goa

- Last post: Today 06:01

A post on Today 06:01 by Kraven

Hi Everyone, first post here..... I've acquired a ticket for India, and will be arriving in Goa last week of January. I plan to stay for a month or two, whatever feels right before moving on to other...

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Thread: Need help on pangarchulla trek through kuari pass from the forum Uttarakhand

- Last post: Today 01:22

A post on Today 01:22 by su_chathot

Hi, I am planning a trek to Utharakhand before the rain starts and the snow melts, so that I need not worry about the floods and if possible do the rishikesh rafting Is Trek to kuari pass possible at...

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Thread: From the VOF plan to Ilaqa Got and a bagful of memories from the forum Himachal Pradesh

- Last post: Today 01:06

A post on Today 01:06 by su_chathot

Hi guys... An update before 2014 ends. We were a group of 5 bachelors planning for Valley of flowers in July 2014. Unforunately/fortunately we were not able to make it to Utharakhand due to floods...

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Thread: himachal pradesh from the forum Introduce Yourself

- Last post: Today 00:19

A post on Today 00:19 by vicks1

Hi all folks , I am planning a tour to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj in the 1st weak of January 2015 . As i am a solo traveler and will be driving from New Delhi to Mcleodganj alone , so i am looking...

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Thread: Mispelled my first name - Indigo from the forum Domestic India Flights

- Last post: Today 00:47

A post on Today 00:10 by DishaS

Hello My name is Disha. I booked my Delhi to Bengaluru ticket via Makemytrip and made a stupid typo. I missed 'a' in my name so it looks Dish instead of Disha. I didnt call Makemytrip Customer Care...

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Post: from the thread When will my passport be dispatched?

- Posted on: Today 10:52

A post on Today 10:52 by Prakaant

Please do not use SMS lingo on this tread as it is not permitted here. As the status is showing, Police Verification Report is not clear, you should visit Police station to note what are lacking,...

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Post: kym 2015 from the thread KYM Heart of Yoga

- Posted on: Today 10:35

A post on Today 10:35 by szuchi

Hi mlinnea, do u have email?

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Post: from the thread Movie Recommendations

- Posted on: Today 10:13

A post on Today 10:13 by doksanomo

Nightcrawler - missed it in the theatres but watched it at home yesterday - rivetting, absolutely..wasn't there a noir thread here somewhere? this is one of the best in the genre that i've seen in...

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Post: from the thread Russians

- Posted on: Today 10:05

A post on Today 10:05 by ViShVa

Prince09, that above seems the exact opposite of what you wrote way above.

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Post: from the thread Are snakes a problem where you are?

- Posted on: Today 09:54

A post on Today 09:54 by Jeremiah99

As I say, say most are dispatched on sight and then cremated. The locals believe that if they don't burn the carcass then others snakes will come along to take revenge. They are not encountered too...

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Hotel Akshaya Darshan is the new branch of hotel Akshaya in Chidambaram. The older hotel is more run down compared to this one and the staff in that one is grumpier. The rooms are basic but it is...

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New three-star business hotel not far from Mumbai airport.

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Situated in Hospet, the gateway town to Hampi - the UNESCO world heritage site; Royal Orchid Central Kireeti is a luxury property ideal for the business and leisure traveler. The hotel is located 1km...

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good value a review for Hotel Aroma Executive Caranzalem Goa

A review on Oct 29, 2014 by 6345789

right in town, very clean price I love this place, it is clean, friendly and smack in the middle of town,a perfect place to get over jet lag before moving on

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Great place to relax a review for Honey Valley Estate Coorg

A review on Aug 31, 2014 by capt_mahajan

see link in description see link in description My experience, with some pics, at

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Lovely old style hotel! a review for Nor-Khill Hotel Gangtok

A review on Jun 2, 2014 by obione980

Room size and facilities None really A well managed old hotel - Heritage really. Good wifi in the Lounge. Excellent staff. Food good. Comfortable, spacious rooms. I'd stay there again.

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Review: A review for Noor

A review on Dec 22, 2014 by Sama

so beautiful

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love the energy of these old buildings once nature starts taking over.....

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Review: A review for Panchchuli1

A review on Dec 19, 2014 by soumen369

Dear Kedar Parikh please write you name in small in the left bottom portion,otherwise it's a fantastic shot !!!!

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