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  This article was originally a post by India Miker narendra.d, and has been transformed into a community article. Per narendra.d, this is a not-so-brief document on the process for applying and...

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India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Over the wide expanse of the country, there are literally hundreds of festivals and celebrations that Indians participate in. Although festivals like...

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Diwali, or Deepavali as it is otherwise known, is one of the largest festival in India. Diwali is known as the festival of lights, signaling the start of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated across...

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Thread: Some random glimpses of Dooars from the forum Travel Photologues

- Last post: Today 17:24

A post on Today 16:51 by Jayantadey

Dooars has always been one of those places for me which always remains on your to do list but somehow you are never able to make it. For years I have been attracted to this wonderful display of...

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Thread: Roadtrip to Leh and STok from the forum Trekking and Mountaineering in India

- Last post: Today 15:21

A post on Today 15:21 by eatit007

Roadtrip to Leh. ---------------------- Hi Everyone, We are three guys heading out to Leh in a Fortuner on 28th June 2017 from Uttrakhand. We are looking for TWO more traveler to join us so that we...

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Thread: Fresh salad in Delhi from the forum Delhi

- Last post: Today 14:45

A post on Today 14:45 by pinnaclecap

Hi... I am just back from a vacation from the US. Spent a month and learned to make some really good salad. Carried some nice vinegars, olive oil and spices (not that you don't get them here), was...

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Thread: Any interesting scooter trips in Kerala? from the forum Kerala

- Last post: Today 13:30

A post on Today 13:30 by sbring

I'm coming to India in late July (for 3 weeks). The original plan was to do a motorbike trip from Delhi up to Leh. However, I am having a change of heart, as it sounds like too much of a risk...

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Thread: The Monsoons are here. Where are you headed? from the forum Chai and Chat

- Last post: Today 08:52

A post on Today 08:52 by theloststory

India is at its green best in the monsoons. Great time to travel to many places, though some would be off limit now. Where are you headed? I am off to Matheran and then to Rajasthan when the rains...

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Post: from the thread International Cricket

- Posted on: Today 18:43

A post on Today 18:43 by Prakaant

Bad luck for Punam Raut! :( She also missed her century (by 14 runs)

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Post: from the thread Visa Application process (from Australia)

- Posted on: Today 18:08

A post on Today 18:08 by GaryD

The FAQs on the VFS website still say that Australians can get a tourist visa which is valid for 6 months permitting a stay of no more than 90 days.

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Post: from the thread Is our Delhi-Laddakh-Delhi trip too ambitious? - need some expert help

- Posted on: Today 18:08

A post on Today 18:08 by ameyaprabhu

some help, anybody?

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Post: from the thread Trekking shoes - Suggestions please

- Posted on: Today 18:02

A post on Today 18:02 by inditramp

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX is a mouthful but a good boot, available at Amazon India. Physical stores would depend on the city that you live in. If you have a Columbia Sport store in your city check out...

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Post: from the thread Having trouble deciding between Kerala and Ladakh (July/August)

- Posted on: Today 17:54

A post on Today 17:54 by Prakaant

:confused: :confused: :confused: Do the authorities in Japan permit driving without a license? If you have driving license, you may get an international driving license in ten days time. Then you...

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Hotel Akshaya Darshan is the new branch of hotel Akshaya in Chidambaram. The older hotel is more run down compared to this one and the staff in that one is grumpier. The rooms are basic but it is...

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New three-star business hotel not far from Mumbai airport.

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Situated in Hospet, the gateway town to Hampi - the UNESCO world heritage site; Royal Orchid Central Kireeti is a luxury property ideal for the business and leisure traveler. The hotel is located 1km...

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Wonderful place at the heart of Kumaon a review for Kaaphal Hill

A review on Apr 24, 2016 by rajkumar

Great location, Good place for solitude and Nice views Offbeat If you are tired of run off the mill tourist hotels in hill stations, this is definitely for you. Its ambiance and hospitality are its...

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A great option for meals a review for Hotel Chentoor Madurai

A review on Jan 24, 2016 by zamba

roof top restaurant/bar on 7th floor overlooking Meenakshmi none We didn't stay here unfortunately, but the restaurant meals and view is excellent.

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good mid range staying option a review for Breeze Residency Tiruchirapalli

A review on Jan 24, 2016 by zamba

good service, good restaurant, will arrange tours, clean bathrooms. none arrived 30th December 2015, a good mid range option with clean rooms and linen. clean bathrooms and good service from the front...

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Review: A review for Key Monastery

A review on Jun 23, 2017 by iamsomnath

Thanks , got lucky with the light :-)

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Review: A review for Key Monastery

A review on Jun 23, 2017 by soumen369

Brilliant in the black backgrounds of majestic mountains !!!!

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