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Getting a visa to India should be a straightforward process, unless you have family connections with Pakistan. This article aims to answer some of the frequently asked questions about obtaining an...

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This article was last updated on June 15th 2014. This article summarises the process of booking Indian rail tickets from abroad. It takes into account major changes that took place in early 2012 and...

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Gateway of India  One of Mumbai’s most famous landmarks. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911 when they were on the way to Delhi. This structure...

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Thread: Weekend getaway - Delhi from the forum Delhi

- Last post: Today 01:51

A post on Today 01:50 by Lovish.Sethi

Hi Guys, i am just tired of being in Delhi for a very long time.. need to get some fresh air.. won't get any official leave till end of June.. any suggestions where i can feel alive for a day and...

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Thread: Getting around in Kullu city and local family friendly spots from the forum Kullu and Manali

- Last post: Today 00:50

A post on Today 00:50 by blackfog

Fellow IMers, I couldn't find much information on this topic so starting a new thread. Please point me to an existing thread if I missed it. I am going to Kullu, with my wife and my four-year old...

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Thread: A Newbie from the forum Introduce Yourself

- Last post: Today 02:08

A post on Yesterday 23:18 by Dilarya

Hi everyone Well i moved to goa after i read all about it here. looking forward to making a lot of new friends here :) Cheer's Dilip

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Thread: Raigad trip report from the forum Maharashtra

- Last post: Yesterday 23:13

A post on Yesterday 23:13 by dipalivs

RAIGAD Finally on 22nd February, 2015, after a long and tedious research, I booked the ticket for Pachad, Pachad is the base village of Raigad fort in the state of Maharashtra. Raigad Fort was the...

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Thread: Hello from Dhaka from the forum Introduce Yourself

- Last post: Yesterday 22:18

A post on Yesterday 21:59 by Yasin Imon

I'm pretty sure i had an account earlier in indiamike, just cant remember the ID and password. anyways howdy indiamikers :):D

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Post: from the thread Our first trip to India

- Posted on: Today 03:24

A post on Today 03:24 by Sama

Certainly not my cup of chai either, especially the "personal guard that followed and stayed near us the whole time until we returned safely." I've come to India alone every year since 2005 and...

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Post: from the thread Itinerary Advice for Couple in Mid-late 20s! (4 to 5 weeks, IndRail pass)

- Posted on: Today 03:23

A post on Today 03:23 by jayne_louise

More of a breakdown of my workings out: Arrive into Delhi) Delhi - 3 Days (1 days for travel) journey average 7-8 hours, but some state 9h 50, varying levels of late departure too AC 1st 1770 total...

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Post: from the thread London Meetups

- Posted on: Today 03:18

A post on Today 03:18 by Nick-H

You could catch me on 2nd August! Are you in UK at all in July? Or still out there in the desert shopping mall? I'm burdening an old friend with my presence for a whole month. She'll probably be...

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Post: from the thread 48 hours in Singapore - Or, how to stay sober and out of trouble

- Posted on: Today 03:17

A post on Today 03:17 by Nick-H

And cold noodles :confused:

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Post: from the thread Where Was This Photo Taken? (2)

- Posted on: Today 03:12

A post on Today 03:12 by hfot2


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Hotel Akshaya Darshan is the new branch of hotel Akshaya in Chidambaram. The older hotel is more run down compared to this one and the staff in that one is grumpier. The rooms are basic but it is...

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New three-star business hotel not far from Mumbai airport.

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Situated in Hospet, the gateway town to Hampi - the UNESCO world heritage site; Royal Orchid Central Kireeti is a luxury property ideal for the business and leisure traveler. The hotel is located 1km...

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comfortable, good food, excellent service location a mystery to many auto drivers This is more than my usual budget for hotels, but after the last shitty budget hotel I got this was a breath of fresh...

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MOUSE SHIT IN MY SUITCASE a review for Sri Anupama Residency

A review on Dec 24, 2014 by PixieOakland

lol no. everything In addition to my comments above I just found mouse shit in my suitcase that certainly wasn't there when I left the USA.

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good value a review for Hotel Aroma Executive Caranzalem Goa

A review on Oct 29, 2014 by 6345789

right in town, very clean price I love this place, it is clean, friendly and smack in the middle of town,a perfect place to get over jet lag before moving on

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Review: A review for weighing jasmine

A review on Mar 1, 2015 by Ali-Monbeam

It's an unforgettable aroma isn't it.

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Review: A review for rameswaram sunset #2

A review on Mar 1, 2015 by Ali-Monbeam

Wow really like this ...not seen a sunset like this before.

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Review: A review for block printing

A review on Mar 1, 2015 by Ali-Monbeam

Are you using a filter here?

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