Dancing White Peacock

By snonymous on Apr 28, 2009. Gallery: Birds.

Dancing White Peacock

This proud peacock put on a beautiful show at the Byculla zoo, Mumbai.

I always go there to see the flora and usually do not look at the animals as I can not bear to see them in their pitiable condition, but it was difficult not to notice this fabulous spectacle.

The same peacock put up a repeat performance on 3 May 2009.

All 10 photos here: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/indianature/17/1241026200/t...

View the entire sequence on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37455733@N07/sets/72157617372339993/

Post Script: The unintended lighting "effect" is due to the green acrylic roof above the poor peacocks cage. Noticed this on a subsequent visit.

Comments for Dancing White Peacock

Apr 28, 2009
Bhaswaran says:
Fountain of Joy
Apr 28, 2009
mojogirl says:
Apr 28, 2009
theyyamdancer says:
Apr 28, 2009
Swapnil says:
Looks unreal ..is there any light behind him ?
Apr 28, 2009
RWeHavingFunYet says:
. . . It's a [B]Albino Peafowl - male.[/B] Click to hear the call of this bird ==> [URL="http://www.indiabirds.com/content/fullimagepage.asp?Bird_SortID=47&cid=1"][B]Common Indian Peafowl.[/B][/URL]
Apr 28, 2009
Lord Average says:
Apr 28, 2009
snonymous says:
Thanks. Swapnil - I dont think there was any light behind him. My camera lens was stuck through the wire mesh of the cage. It was around 10am just 20 days ago so fairly bright sunshine. RWHFY - Im sure you are right about the nomenclature but I prefer to call it a White Peacock. I saw this spectacle on 3 consecutive visits, so if anyone is in Mumbai right now, take a trip to the zoo and Im sure our buddy will oblige with another show - mating ritual?
Apr 29, 2009
Adventures Anil says:
wow a marvel shot .. (A white peacock...? )its amezing.
Apr 29, 2009
snonymous says:
I did not realise so many people had not seen a white peacock. For anyone who is interested, here is the link to all 10 photos which show the entire dance sequence: [B]http://www.travelpod.com/travelblogphotoalbums/indianature/17/1241026200/0/12/YES/tpod.html[/B]
Apr 30, 2009
uttam says:
May 01, 2009
Nick-H says:
Wow... Now only I get to [I]see[/I] your famous white peacock. That is a stunning pic, with a very, very lucky (if not by design) lighting effect :D
May 01, 2009
snonymous says:
Im not aware of any lighting effect, this was taken as I said earlier, by leaning uncomfortably over a hedge, sticking my ordinary digicam into the wire mesh and clicking away! Update: 3 May 09 - The same peacocks put up a repeat performance, and the lighting effect is due to the translucent green fibre glass roof on top of the cage! Mystery solved. View the entire sequence at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37455733@N07/sets/72157617372339993/
Jun 02, 2009
Roxxi Jaan says:
<P>totally amazing...I have amassed a collection of photos of albino animals. All so beautiful starting with the north american buffalo. </P>
Jun 03, 2009
Sama says:
gorgeous, stunning, and fabulous!
Jun 15, 2009
smartjakes says:

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