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pandey ghat
phone: 450206

It's in The Lonely Planet so doesn't need the advertising.but I love going to places where they remember you from last coming home almost. and the Vishnu is perfectly situated to make the most of ghat life in Varanasi.which is, after all, why most people visit the city. i really like the people running the place.really friendly (espec. the old guy that often brings the food.he's lovely and always brought me the paper first). loved my room at the front. quite a few power cuts but that's varanasi in general not just this hotel. cold water! rooms range from the R250 rooms at the front which are great (had one this time around - window over the Ganga and cool shelves to put stuff on) to cheaper singles down in the depths of the building (in 2001 I stayed in an extrmely cheap room and became a killer of insects... it was pretty gross) and a dorm as some of the cheapest food in old Varanasi....the restaurant does pretty good food and the balcony overlooks the ghats. and they have a temple on site...the whole place is owned and run by a Brahmin family. travel help too - they can book your trains and stuff. and this year there was a silk shop.

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in the high season the most expensive room is Rs 250 but there are cheaper rooms and dorm beds

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The front room is now 550
by drzog on Mar 13, 2007.
the front room is now 550, although is very nice seems expensive for the area ... read more »
I didn't go inside but from outside...
by Kris on Jan 01, 2006.
I didn't go inside but from outside it looked scary ... I wouldn't want to go in ! ;) ... read more »

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