Great location & concept, poor service & upkeep


Positives: Location, Food, People
Negatives: Tourists, Service, Maintenance

Stayed for 2 nights (had booked 2 tents). Reception is within the restaurant. They first tried to convince us to take tents near the falls though one had A/c not working. Then allotted 2 tents away from falls, but they could not be together as an intermediate one had A/c not working. Rooms are huge, wonderful furniture & worth the stay. However, maintenance is very poor, so some bath fixtures are not working, some light connections are not working, one door zip was not working (thought they assured us that everyone stays without locking the door!!!).
Food quality is good, though a bit pricey (maybe due to the remote location). There is no room service. Food service is slow & you need to wait, even though they ensure that you order the next meal before leaving after the current one.
Cleanliness is a really weak area, but I would blame the guests instead of staff, as a lot of footfall is from non-staying guests who were littering in the restaurant mercilessly. Overall, acceptable considering it is the only option to stay here. Of course, if you know some govt official, the Govt. Rest House nearer to the falls might be a better option...

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