Could be better


Positives: Location, solitude, breakfast, coffee
Negatives: Rooms, dinner

Monsoon, that too pouring rains were probably not the right time to visit Coorg. So this review might be a bit skewed becos of that.
The location is good. Not many humans around. Coffee plants and a lot of trees. Not a real jungle though, as it is a plantation.
Rooms are good looking. Lacked a cupboard and hooks or hangers to put our wet clothes on. Minimal furniture in the 1000 rupees room,. Had a clothesline outside. Hot bathing water was a problem.
Breakfast was delicious. Bread and idli was very tasty.Coffee was lovely.
We didnt have lunch either of the two days we were there - we had gone on walks. Dinner is skippable- the dining room gets a bit dark and uninviting at night. And the buffet meal gets cold and tasteless.
The hosts are nice people on the whole. The owner got a bit impatient once , but on the whole was ok. And professional enough.The other staff, the manager, the cooks, the driver were helpful.
The dogs were very friendly. It was nice to read about them in the previous review on this page. Brownie declined to come with us on our longer trek but he did come for a short evening walk, despite the drizzle.

Its a homestay,not a hotel or a resort. One must remember that.
Recommended, but one wishes it were better.

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