The present teacher who visits...


Positives: The yoga teacher.
Negatives: The verbally abuive manager, bad smelling, dirty yoga hall.

The present teacher who visits the hotel is excellent but will probably be leaving later in the year.

During the class it came to my attention that the floor was filthy and the bathrooms on the side of the hall stank strongly of urine, a smell that occasionally comes into the hall. I have been in India for 6 months and have trained in other hotels offering yoga classes. The state of this one was by far the worse. Though the hall has a shoes off policy, staff members do not bother to remove their shoes when entering and leaving the hall.

At the end of the class, I gently approached the manager at the front desk about the matter of hygeine within a yoga hall, politely asking if it would be possible for the floor to be swept and the toilets cleaned. He responded by shouting and swearing, 'informing' me that it was not my business and that I should f*** off.

The previous nights class had been cancelled halfway through, so I and others had continued with our own practice. The manager shouted that we must leave when the teacher leaves and not stay longer.

I recommend anyone considering to stay here not to. If you choose to, be careful with the staff and avoid the mice infested kitchen which is empty for a reason.

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