Raj Palace Rishikesh

Opp Geeta Bhawan No
phone: 0135 - 2440079

Raj Palace Rishikesh next to Brijwasi and Green Hotel, this one seemed to be more popular with Indian tourists (name?). GREAT cheese cutlets for breakfast. hot shower, aircooler or A/C, TV (ask if not available straight away - they put into mine at no extra charge), 24 hr chai, restaurant, daily yoga and meditation classes :)

Raj Palace Rishikesh Rates and Room Information

from 200 (single non-A/C) to 350 (double air-cooled) to 975 for luxury double (with A/C)

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The present teacher who visits...
by Rishikesh08 on Apr 06, 2008.   Rating:
The present teacher who visits the hotel is excellent but will probably be leaving later in the year. During the class it came to my attention that the floor was filthy and the bathrooms on the side of the hall stank strongly of urine, a smell that occasionally comes into the hall. I have been in India for 6 months and have ... read more »
New hotel according to the green...
by iasis on Oct 19, 2005.
New hotel according to the green one just next door!I spend few days there and it was nice and clean...indeed hot water whenever u need it!Spend 250Rs for double non ac! Nice suggestion here by Volga volga ;) ... read more »

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