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Ideal River View Resort Thanjavur Located just outside of Thanjavur along the Cauvery river, this hotel is absolutely wonderful, capturing all the natural beauty of the surrounding rural area while offering five star accomodations at a very reasonable price. Great service, wonderful food, friendly and helpful staff. Cheap and good ayurvedic messages. Pretty pool. Free shuttle into town once a day at 10 am. Cable TV. Downside: like all the upscale places, they tend to isolate you from the city center, thus encouraging you to spend more on their food and amenities rather than spending the extra time and money finding your way into town. Popular with tour groups, one must be subjected to hearing the other tourists ask for less spicey food, etc. Overpriced car hires. Staff tried to tout me on a shopping trip to town, but were easily discouraged and sent away from my bargaining process. Upside: Spacious rooms, comfy beds. No nonsense, excellent service. Massages were to die for. The food was great and reasonably priced. Alcohol available. (I tried the Chantilly white wine, and found it to be really impressive) Hot Tip: Stay here by all means, but arrange for your own transportation to avoid the hotels' pricey taxis. Glad I stayed here instead of Trichy. A good base to explore surrounding areas.

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I spent about US $80 a night for a "deluxe cottage" which was really just a big room with a good view of the river from a large balcony. Bathroom is huge with a big bath tub.

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I stayed here Dec
by jerrye233 on Jan 10, 2008.   Rating:
I stayed here Dec. 2005. They service dinner in the outdoor restaurant or at a table above the river. the local red wine is good (I'm from California). The have a long pool open at night. the owner even drove me to the train station. When I took the path down the river, a bunch of village kids ran through the river, greeted ... read more »

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