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I stayed in Honey Valley this year and would highly recommend it. Beutifull location, very hospitably host and a chance to see rural side of india Lots of great walks around the coffee estates of the coorg. Great food as well.

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Great place to relax
by capt_mahajan on Aug 31, 2014.   Rating:
My experience, with some pics, at http://www.indiamike.com/india/karnataka-f38/some-questions-on-coorg-in-the-monsoon-t222523/ ... read more »
Awesome place for nature enthusiasts
by beeblebrox on Jul 09, 2013.   Rating:
I go almost once a year and sometimes even more frequently...must have stayed about 5 times in Honey Valley. It is a great place to laze around. Either make it hectic by climbing hills and exploring waterfalls or just read books and putting your feet up, Honey Valley offers it all...Not for people who are looking for smartphone, ... read more »
escape from the madness of city life
by maypacheco on Jun 26, 2013.   Rating:
if you looking to get away from the madness of city life and be cut off and love long walks / treks.. this is the place..you can enjoy the company of the resort dogs on your treks, splash around in the waterfall (during the rainy season), soak in the beauty of the hills, stuff yourself with super home cooked vegetarian meals ... read more »
Could be better
by PLASTICINE on Sep 05, 2011.   Rating:
Monsoon, that too pouring rains were probably not the right time to visit Coorg. So this review might be a bit skewed becos of that. The location is good. Not many humans around. Coffee plants and a lot of trees. Not a real jungle though, as it is a plantation. Rooms are good looking. Lacked a cupboard and hooks or hangers ... read more »
The Best Place to Stay in India! Heck, In the WORLD!
by libertycanyon on Nov 18, 2008.   Rating:
Honey Valley is my favorite place in India! I arrived there my second week and immediately fell in love with the place, in spite of the leeches. The family who runs it are all kind and helpful. The people who work there are friendly and efficient. The scenery is to die for! Everything you ever wanted in a semi-tropical ... read more »

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