Step One

Go to the website and click on Register.

The website



Step Two

Submit your email address and click on Create Account

Submit your email address and click on Create Account



Step Three

You should receive a notification page that your registration is accepted.

Your registration is accepted



Step Four

You should also receive an email with an activation link for your new account. Click on the link to activate your account on

An email with the activation link of your new account



Step Five

When the following page loads in your browser, enter your email address, choose your Cleartrip main password, and follow the steps in order to complete your personal profile.

Setup your account



Step Six

After confirming your account, make sure that you're logged in and then go to the registration page. Another way to get to this registration page (after making sure you're logged in!) is to check a train itinerary and clicking on the “Availability” button.

Fill the forms with your Cleartrip username (usually the email you used for registration), choose your IRCTC username (3 to 10 digits), enter your email address again and your personal information.

Pay close attention to the following fields:

  • Mobile number (insert a 10 digit fake phone number)
  • State name (Other)
  • Zip Code (6 digits) and at the end,
  • Your real country.

Registering for your IRCTC account through



Step Seven

You should receive an email from IRCTC with the user id you choose, your login password, and your Email OTP.

NOTE: Your Mobile OTP should have been sent to the "fake" mobile number you provided. Now starts the real challenge of the entire procedure.

An activation email from IRCTC



Step Eight

Send an email to with a subject like “Mobile OTP request – myUserID” or similar. In the body of the mail try to as descriptive as possible, and be sure to provide three main items of information:

  • Your IRCTC user ID from step 7
  • A message asking to receive your Mobile OTP through an email to your email account
  • A attached scan of your  passport (make sure the attachment is not larger than 1 MB)

You can also provide some additional information:

  • You’re a foreign tourist with a VISA/Mastercard credit card
  • You don't have an indian mobile number
  • Your name and surname
  • You need to activate and sync your IRCTC and Cleartrip accounts


Step Nine

After sending the email, you should receive an auto response email in your mailbox from IRCTC, simply notifying you that they received your email.

Take note of your ticket ID, because you will need to provide it during any future communications with IRCTC. Every time you write to, you’ll receive a reply with a new ticket ID. As suggested by other India Mike users, always respond with the last ticket ID assigned.

Email from IRCTC



Step Ten

Now, wait for a new communication from IRCTC with your new Mobile OTP. The reply can take anywhere from a few hours to one or more days. Meanwhile, you may receive an email like this below, notifying you that your IRCTC password has been automatically reset. Take note of the new password.

Your Mobile OTP email


Step Eleven

In the meantime, you can try and login to the IRCTC account, but you'll still be missing the mobile OTP. Just Log out and wait some more. 

Still waiting for the Mobile OTP ...



Step Twelve

Be patient for at least a day . If you still haven't received anything, write to with your previously assigned ticket ID from step 9, your  IRCTC username. Explain that you've asked for your Mobile OTP but haven't received anything yet. You should not need to attach your passport information again. 


Step Thirteen

Soon, you should receive the most important  email from IRCTC ... with your Mobile OTP number! Perfect! Now you have all the codes needed to activate both your accounts: IRCTC and Cleartrip.

Now you activate both your IRCTC and Cleartrip accounts


Step Fourteen

First go to the IRCTC website and login (as you already were able to do) with your username and password provided on step 7, or step 10.

Login to IRCTC



Step Fifteen

Insert your Mobile OTP as your mobile verification code that you received in Step 13 and click Submit. If your code isn't accepted, try typing the code manually, rather than using copy/paste.

Adding your Mobile OTP code



Step Sixteen

If everything is OK (and if the Gods of IRCTC smile on you), you should now be connected and fully activated on the IRCTC website. If you have an American Express, you can start booking your Indian railways ticket immediately.

An activated account



Step Seventeen

Now, go back to the first email received in Step 7, and click on the Verify Partnership account. If you don't have your email anymore, go to the Cleartrip / IRCTC account  activation link.

Verifying your partnership



Step Eighteen

On this page, before filling in the forms, remember to Sign In to your Cleartrip account. After that, fill the form out with your: 

  • Cleartrip username
  • IRCTC username
  • Email OTP from Step 7
  • Mobile OTP from Step 13

Filling in the forum



Step Nineteen

Well, this should be your next and (hopefully!) final page. In you get an invalid code message, write directly to asking for a new code. If this does not work, write to them requesting both new Email OTP and Mobile OTP codes. Wait to receive both OTPs and try again.

DO NOT use the automated "Click Here" links shown in Step 18 to request OTP s as this appears to cause problems


Hopefully, you should now be all signed in and ready to go. Hope this article helped, and hope you enjoy travelling the Indian Railways!


 Indian Railways By Lou Wilson