• Places and Attractions to see in Mumbai

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    Places and Attractions to see in Mumbai

    By aarosh

    A list of places to see and things to do in Mumbai, India, compiled by our very own India Miker Aarosh. If you haven't spent time in Mumbai, be sure to check out this article, which includes brief descriptions for attractions like the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Hotel, Wellington Fountain, Colaba Causeway and more!... Read More »


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A review for Honey Valley Estate Coorg

A review for Honey Valley Estate Coorg

I go almost once a year and sometimes even more frequently...must have stayed about 5 times in Honey Valley. It is a great place to laze around. Either make it hectic by climbing hills and exploring waterfalls or just read books and putting your feet up, Honey Valley offers it all...Not for people who ... read more »


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Bangalore, over and out

By zamba

Bill was shocked to see some of the squalor and filth that some people were forced to live in on the outskirts of Bangalore from the train. I had seen it before but the contrast of the haves and the have nots could not be clearer. We got a prepaid taxi from Bangalore City station to 'Terrace Gardens' where I had stayed 2 years ago. We were in luck and they had a room with 2 single beds on the breakfast ... read more »


By zamba

Wow, if we thought we had seen bad roads in our travels, the road through the hills to Mysore was woeful. At times we were restricted to 10 kms per hour as we picked our way through the potholes and ruts. The road was under repair in places but they might have made it worse. When we turned onto the main road to Mysore it was as smooth as any highway. When we got to the outskirts of Mysore, despite ... read more »


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